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Dreamers Win Championships


Imagine yourself at the helm of Johan Cruyff’s legendary Barcelona team. Pressure coming at you from all angles, spanning from players, media, management to fans. What made this team, who had been struggling the previous seasons, one of the most impressive and beloved sides of all time?

I will try to answer that by introducing the model “Dreams & Details”. The strategic leadership model is spun out of two stories of success created by the means of big dreams
and decisive details. Whether that be in my co-author, Jim Hagemann Snabe’s, software giant SAP, or my own Champions League final 8 team, Holte Volleyball. The model as presented below, displays how a very inspiring dream, consisting of a clear direction and ambition, leads to uncovering what crucial details are needed, regarding the role we play and the skills we must develop, and how we need them to cooperate to achieve the dream of the organization. All this being supported by a platform involving the right mindset, and giving our employees the optimal framework, in which we may allow them to unleash their full
potential by setting them free.

Once again, let’s look at Cruyff’s Barcelona. one might argue that his dream consisted of an ambition to play football that the world would adore as never before. His inspiration came from his experience in Ajax prior to joining Barcelona, and that his direction was determined by his distinctive style of play. By allowing smaller players to join the academy, and nourishing their ability to play technical football, he at once made a clear distinction of what roles he needed in his organization, and how they should cooperate, as well as what skills they should learn before joining the first team. All this was done by creating a framework and a
“Barcelona” mindset, through La Masia (The youth players academy), all the way to the La Liga team, and thus creating “The Dream Team”.



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