Key-note speeches


Thinking about the possibility of having the academy inspire the crowd at your event? Send an email to our administration describing your particular wishes and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Please start out the subject line with “Key-note”.

Please note that alle key-note speaches can be done in English as well as in Danish. An English description of the talk can be found below.

Dreams & Details – Navigate and lead in a disruptive world.
Great leadership has always been an essential reason why some companies deliver exceptional results, while others do not. However, success in tomorrow’s reality calls for new leadership principles. Due to the speed of innovation in the digital world society and business conditions are changing faster than ever before. A successful leader must be able to manage constant change and thrive with an element of uncertainty. This requires increased clarity in terms of strategic direction, trust in people’s ability to find the best way and courage to unleash the potential of the organization.

In the digital future a new type of leadership is needed. A kind of leadership that is willing to do away with detailed plans, performance management, an outdated practice in which management was focused on getting people to do repetitive tasks to perfection in order to maximize efficiency. Constant renewal is needed in order to stay relevant and continue to win in the market.

The leaders of the future must dare to abandon power, control and Excel spreadsheets, and instead focus on inspiring people through ambitious dreams and uncovering the potential of the organization through  relentless focus on essential details.
Modern leadership is about mastering the dreams and details to deliver sustainable high performance.